1.  Space…Not Enough or Too Much!?


Many people opt to hire a marquee that can hold the minimum number of guests for their party. If you haven’t considered extra room for tables/chairs/dj/bar etc then you will find yourself and your guests in quite a tight squeeze! Make sure you figure out everything you need in your marquee before choosing the size. If you are tight on space and need tables for your party, then go for trestle tables as they can be placed next to each other to take up less space.

There is also the opposite problem of going too big on your marquee hire choice, this can make the space feel empty and kill your party vibe big time! You can always talk to us here at P&W Marquees, we can help you decide on the best sizing option for your event.

Measuring up a space before hiring a marquee can be a daunting task for some people. Make sure you consider any obstructions in the outdoor area, such as trees or flowerbeds. Sometimes these can be incorporated into the marquee depending on the space and positioning. If you’re not sure, leave it to the experts. At P&W Marquees we provide a no fee site visit to measure up the space, we will provide you with any advice and recommendations… Alternatively feel free to take some measurements and send them over to us with some pictures. Get in touch by clicking here.


2. Marquee Flooring Hire…A Muddy Mess!

A big mistake people make when booking a marquee for an event is deciding not to go for any flooring. When the weather is nice with a long dry spell…this isn’t a problem. But living in England, unfortunately these are rare occurrences. An event without flooring can end up very messy, with guests’ feet churning up the floor making a muddy chaos. Any ladies out there will know that mud and grass is not ideal for heels! If guests need to walk through an inside area in the house, this can cause the added stress of ruined carpets and floors. Two great options to prevent this are carpet and hard flooring. We would recommend hard flooring as it’s the most durable option in times of bad weather. Carpet is also a great option, we lay carpets on top of tarpaulin to prevent any water soaking through. If you want to go all out, why not add a red-carpet entrance to your marquee and enter in style!


3. Marquee Lighting Hire…Kill the Party Vibe


Too bright kills the party vibe and too dark causes problems not being able to see your food or friends properly! Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong lighting for their event. When organising your party, you need to consider what lighting is appropriate. For a casual party vibe, go for fairy or festoon lights or you could add some disco lights for the dance floor. For something more formal like a sit-down dinner, go for some brighter more sophisticated options like chandeliers.


4. Marquee Heating Hire… Shivering Guests


People often don’t realise how much the temperature can drop at night. If the weather is warm in the day, don’t assume your guests will be fine in the evening. Nobody wants to be cold at a party! Hire some heaters for your event to make sure you’ve got everything covered. For really cold times of the year, choose your heater wisely, go for a stronger heater to make sure everyone is warm inside. For more powerful heaters, go for one of our diesel-powered indirect heaters, these keep the space at a constant temperature as they are thermostatically controlled. Or go for one our smaller cheaper heaters, for moderate weather conditions.


5. Marquee Decorations… Far from Inviting!


Deciding to go for extra decorations for your event depends on what your event is. If you only require shelter for your event, then hiring extras may not be too important to you. However, if your event is about creating a space for a special celebration, such as a wedding, chances are, you’d like to make the place feel inviting and look awesome for your guests to have the best possible time. Decorating your marquee with extras can change it from an empty shell to an enjoyable and excitable party atmosphere. A Marquee is made to be strong and durable and the metal structure and frame demonstrates this, this is why many people choose to hire linings to hide the poles. Marquee linings are the most significant way to change the space into a party ready room. The more extras you add, the more you can personalise your event – paper lanterns, bunting, foliage, centre pieces, candy carts, flowers, hay bales, ribbons…the list goes on!