Indirect Diesel Heater Hire


1-7 day hire period!

30KW Diesel Indirect Heater

Only £160 plus VAT and delivery including diesel, ducting and thermostat! Price beat guarantee! (terms apply).

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Indirect Diesel Heater Hire

We supply indirect diesel heaters all over London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Home Counties! Whether its an addition to your garden marquee your hiring with us or whether you have your own capri, traditional marquee, tipi or stretch tent, our hire price includes set up with rcd protected cabling, ducting, vent and thermostat. All you have to do is book and leave the hard work to us!


Indirect Diesel Heater Hire – What is it an Indirect Heater?

Indirect heaters are great from a health and safety and space saving point of view. An indirect space heater will sit outside the marquee and then blow hot air through a ducting system and into the marquee. This means there is nothing hot enough to burn anyone inside the marquee, nor will there be any fumes coming into the marquee. It also means you won’t get anyone messing with it during the event!

The heater burns diesel inside a tank. This heats up metal inside, a fan then blows air over the metal, causing the air to heat up. This is then blown through the ducting and into marquee via a vent. The heater is very quiet at only 45db so you won’t hear it over general conversation in the marquee. The heater will switch itself off when the marquee is hot enough so that it is completely silent. Using the thermostat, set the required temperature and the heater will turn itself on and off to maintain that temperature. This will save the diesel and also ensure the marquee doesn’t get too hot or too cold!

We supply the heater with a full tank of diesel (42 litres) and charge for the amount used after the event. During a cold winter period, in an average size marquee, this should last around 12 hours. Run out of diesel during the event? Simply take the jerry can and spout supplied and re fill with diesel at the local filling station. Any diesel is fine as long as its diesel! This is usually only required for long term events.

The difference between a direct heater and an indirect heater is that the direct heater sits in the marquee or tipi, whilst the indirect heater sits outside the marquee and blows the hot air in through a tube. This is much safer as there are no hot parts inside and it also means there are no fumes inside the marquee too!


Why Hire an Indirect Diesel Heater for Your Event?

Using very low power at only 370 watts, the diesel heater is ideal for larger tents in colder times. This is due to its small electricity requirements. Traditional electric heaters take lots of power and only a few can be ran from the house supply before it trips the power out.

On average, 3 x 3kw (3000watts) heaters maximum can be run from, for example a standard semi detatched house in London before the power trips. This will draw 9000 watts power in total. The diesel heater packs a massive equivalent power of 30,000 watts! All through the use of diesel. So there will be no worries about any power cuts during the party!

If you are having a tipi or stretch marquee where there is no power supply such as in a beautiful Kent woodland setting, and you require heating, the indirect diesel heater is also perfect. When hiring a generator, say for example for a Surrey field wedding we know the generator costs a lot, and the generator is needed to power all the ovens to feed your guests! Well fear not, the diesel heater only requires a tiny bit of power to run the fan so it can easily be attached to the generator. Just wait til that heat starts pumping out!

We are also able to provide a small, low power generator that will be enough for lights, music and a diesel heater.

With the diesel heater you have no worries about your guests being cold! The thermostat will maintain the temperature that it is set at. Perfect for those winter dinner parties and Christmas parties held in a garden marquee!

If you are unsure if you require more than one to hire, the manufacturer has a handy guide on their site. Or just ask us to do it for you!

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