When holding an event, it’s really important to consider what type of lining to choose for the inside of your marquee. Here is our little guide we have put together for you!


Flat Lining

If you’re hosting more of a casual event, like a birthday or tea party, we’d suggest using flat lining with fairy lights and/or festoon bulbs.  Flat lining means that the lining material sits tighter against the Marquee, offering your guests more of an open space and a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Flat lining is smooth and sits plush against the marquee, creating a clean look with no hanging drapes. It also showcases the chandeliers, making them a focal point for your marquee ceiling. This looks really pretty once daylight fades in the early evening. With their sparse rows of illumination, fairy lights and festoon bulbs create more of a relaxed vibe and quaint interior; they can really set the scene for your party!

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Pleated Lining

If you’re hosting more of a sophisticated event; such a wedding or a christening, we’d recommend using pleated lining with chandeliers. Pleated lining means that the material of the drape sits looser against the marquee frame in pleats, offering a warm ambiance and an air of elegance.

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Pole Curtains & Wall Linings

Want to dress up the whole wall? Or just cover the metal poles? Pole curtains enable the windows to still be seen. This can be beneficial for letting more light in and seeing into the beauty of the great british garden. Alternatively if there’s nothing to see outside, you can keep the party locked inside the marquee and opt for the wall linings!

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It’s All About Preference!

Sometimes this is just the bottom line. No matter what the event, some people prefer flat to pleated or pleated to flat! Our advice is only here as a guide, at the end of the day it’s completely up to you.