Mobile Bar Hire For Your Wedding

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Now I’m in my early 30’s I have been to a fair few weddings, mostly in Surrey and Sussex, and some I have favoured more than others. Some had better speeches (and the jokes told were obviously funnier the first time I heard them). Some had nicer food, nicer venues, some were closer to my heart and some seemed more genuine than others. I am still holding my peace! All weddings will have their ups and downs, so I am writing this article to ensure there are no downs when it comes to the alcohol – except for the classic fall down, feeling down and having your head down the toilet.

Hiring a dry bar aka mobile bar hire where you supply the alcohol and staff. We think this will revolutionise your wedding. Here’s why..


You get to choose the booze.

Sounds simple and not like it would bother you much but I think its really great to be able to choose some local wine, beer, ale and ciders. This is a great talking point for your guests, especially if you are getting married in a different part of the country. They can indulge in the local culture and discuss the difference in fruity notes between Kent and Sussex Ales.


Your guests drink for free.

Okay, now you have got my attention. As you have supplied all the booze that means your guests don’t have to pay a penny. The weddings I have been to like this have been great. There is no waiting around at the bar for payments, everything is quick and easy and best of all it doesn’t cost anything. You can get drinks for other people all night! Also, it will help your wedding guests to loosen up and have a good time.

Other weddings where you have to buy drinks at the bar have always been extortionate! You have to wait longer at the bar and less people offer to get a round in! BYOB wins this one hands down. You can also try our amazing self serve bar for hire, pump ready! Just connect a barrel and get pouring those pints!


Wholesale alcohol is cheap.

You might be thinking ‘now wait a minute, haven’t I got to pay for all of this!?’ Well yes, technically, however wholesale alcohol is unbelievably cheap. What about a little road trip through Kent to France before the wedding for the cheap booze. Followed by a tour of the vineyards and breweries local to your venue. Sounds like lots of fun to me! Even though a wedding is just for one day, who says you can’t enjoy the build up to it?


Bespoke bar staff.

Get online and look for some great local bar staff with good reviews. Maybe it’s a cocktail duo that can juggle and tell good jokes! This way you know you can choose the best bartenders for your wedding and your guests will think your special day was amazing.


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