5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Wedding Reception At Home

Having your wedding reception at home is a great idea for a number of reasons. Lots of our customers who have chosen to have their receptions at home have filled us in on why it was perfect for them. So we thought we would pass the knowledge on to anyone thinking of doing the same.


1. Good Value for Money

With the average venue costing between £3000-£7000, hiring a marquee for the back garden can save you your hard earned cash. For example one of our marquees that can seat up to 100 people fully kitted out with the furniture and trimmings will cost about £1000. Our full pricing list can be found by clicking here.


2. The Party Ends When You Want it to!

With other venues turning the music off and asking you to leave by 12 (or lose your deposit), having the reception in a marquee at home will allow the party to go on! Probably best to pop a note through your neighbour’s doors though!


3. You Can Hold Multiple Events

Some customers hold multiple events such as religious celebrations, a henna night, a stag or hen do before the big day. Due to these requests we let you keep our marquees, tables, chairs, bars, dance floors and other equipment for up to a week at no extra cost. If you require the equipment for longer there is a significantly reduced price for each extra week after that.


4. The Kitchen is a Stone’s Throw Away..

Whether it’s saving money on the catering, or having a family member(s) who just loves to cook for everyone, the kitchen is right there when you need it, and it never closes.


5. Cheap Booze

Pop down to the wholesalers before the wedding and save £1000s for you and your guests! Hire a bar from us then all you have to do is supply the alcohol! That’s the way to do it on a shoestring!


We hope this guide has been helpful. Please contact us and say hello if you have any questions and wanna have a chat!