By making a booking with P&W Event Hire Ltd you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.


The hirer – P&W Event Hire Ltd

Person(s) hiring – Customer hiring the event equipment

Equipment – The stock hired out to the person(s) hiring (customer)


Booking and Cancellation Policy

A deposit of roughly 20% of the total price will be taken upon booking and the full payment must be made two weeks before the set-up date. Cheques must be received by us three weeks before the set-up date.

The booking is not secure until a deposit has been paid. We cannot hire out any equipment until we have received the full balance and security deposit.

Quotations are only valid via email and for two weeks from the date they were sent via email. A quotation is not a booking.

Please make sure you read through the invoice before making payment to make sure that we have your order details correct. If there are any special conditions regarding the booking please make sure we have added these to the invoice. Items orders and special terms agreed cannot be confirmed by mouth only and must be confirmed on the invoice.

Cancellation Policy:

Once the booking has been made and a deposit taken, if the booking was to be cancelled £50 of this deposit is non-refundable at any time. For the remaining deposit/full amount the terms are:

Two weeks before event date: no refund

Two weeks to one month before event date: no refund on deposit.

Longer than one month before the event date: full refund (except £50 charge).

A minimum extra deposit of £100 or roughly 15% of total booking (whichever is higher) will be taken when the booking is made, which will be returned in full once the equipment has been collected and there have been no damages caused to the equipment. Please note this is variable depending on the equipment hired, however it will always be a minimum of 15%.

A damage waiver charged at 5% of the total price can also be purchased. If any accidental damage is caused the person(s) hiring the equipment they will not be charged. This excludes intentional damage (e.g neglect of rules) and any damage caused by cigarettes/fire.

Amending the booking is free of charge (subject to stock availability) up to 14 days before your event set up date. You can still make alterations within the 14 days; however, you cannot cancel any items without being charged. Please make amendments as soon as possible, as the equipment will need to be prepared and loaded into the vans. If amendments are made less than 7 days before the set-up date we cannot guarantee that it will be ready in time.



Any damages caused by the person(s) hiring the equipment must be paid in full unless they are caused by general wear and tear or by the fault of the hirer. It is the responsibility of the person(s) hiring the equipment to keep them stored safely and securely. If items go missing or are stolen, charges are applicable. Below is a list of replacement costs for each item. Prices are subject to vat where applicable.

Festoon Lights: £50 – 10M section                                 Led Bulbs: £10 each                      

Folding White/Black Chair: £15 each                             4ft Round Table: £65 each

3ft Round Table: £55 each                                            6ft Round Table: £95 each

5ft Round Table: £85 each                                            6ft Trestle Tables: £60 each

Dancefloor Section: £80 each                                       Dancefloor Trim Section: £25 each            4ft Trestle Table: £50 each                                        Chiavari Chair & Pad: £40 each

2ft 6 inch Trestle Table: £45 each                                  Stainless Steel Bar: £500

Palletwood Bar: £600                                                   LED Bar: £1000

Bluetooth Speaker: £300                                              Poseur Table: £115 each                          Beer Bench: £40 each                                                     Beer Table: £80 each

Cross back chair: £55 each                                            Chair Pad: £10

LED Cube: £120 each                                                    Banquet Chair: £35 each

Folding Wooden Chair & Pad: £35 each                         Rustic Wooden Chair: £40 each

Rustic Tables £180 each                                                Rustic Bench: £120 each          



Chairs can only seat a maximum weight of 18 stone and this limit must not be exceeded. To ensure safety chairs and tables must be placed on a flat surface, should not be climbed on and should have four legs on the ground at all times. Please make sure table and chair legs are folded out properly and clipped into place where applicable.

Indoor use only items must be kept dry, any damages will be charged to the person(s) hiring the equipment.


Round and Rectangle Trestle Tables – Plywood

Round and rectangle trestle tables are made from a laminated plywood top and need to be kept indoors and dry otherwise they can become damaged if water is sat on them for more than a few hours. These items will have scratches and look worn and are not aesthetically pleasing. They are designed to be used only with table cloths.

These tables are made from plywood and may have scratches and dents on them – they are designed to be used with table cloths so these marks can’t be seen. Due to this nature, they are cheaper to hire than solid wood tables. If you are looking for solid wood tables to be used without table cloths, please see our range of solid wood tables.

Table cloths must be used on plywood tables as food may stain them.


Dance Floor

The dance floor must be placed on a suitable, flat, dry flooring. If the ground is not level, it can cause the dance floor to be uneven and can cause movement. Please discuss this with us before making the booking so we can advise. If we cannot fit the dance floor, or there is movement once the dance floor is down, we cannot refund for this.

The dance floor is for indoor use only and must not get wet or be placed in direct sunlight. If the dance floor is to be placed in a marquee, please ensure the marquee is ready with a carpet before we arrive for delivery. We may not be able to return to delivery and set up at an alternate time if we are fully booked out. We also cannot leave the dance floor for the customer to set up. No refund will be given if we arrive at our allocated times and are unable to set the dance floor up.



This agreement between the hirer (P&W Event Hire Ltd) and the persons hiring the equipment is for all equipment to be hired for up seven days only including delivery & collection days. Extras charges for extended periods (more than one week) will be added, this will be agreed before the booking is made.

All requirements must be agreed before the booking as they may not be able to be accommodated for during set up or they may incur an additional charge.

If collecting items from our unit, please ensure you have adequate, safe transport with the appropriate methods to secure the items safely during the journey. If we feel this isn’t the case, then we reserve the right to refuse collection.



Once we have delivered the equipment, please check the items and make us aware of any issues before we leave. If we are made aware of issues once we have left there will be a call back charge for us to come and rectify them. No refund will be given if we are made aware of issues after the event unless these issues occurred during the event.

Before taking the booking, we will agree all the delivery requirements with the person(s) hiring the equipment. If these are broken on the delivery and/or collection days penalties will occur. Please following information:

Street level (ground level no steps) up to 25 meters distance from the van is included in the delivery & collection price. There are extra charges for steps and distance, please let us know in advance so we can quote for this and ensure there are a minimum of two delivery staff if this is required. If two delivery staff are required and we haven’t been made aware we may be unable to deliver the order and may be unable to re arrange the delivery slot in time for the event. In this case we cannot offer a refund.

Before booking we will agree parking arrangements with the person(s) hiring the equipment, please ensure these agreements are maintained as if they are broken we may be unable to deliver the order and may be unable to re arrange the delivery slot in time for the event. In this case we cannot offer a refund. Please ensure the contact person is on site for the duration or the delivery and collection slots.


Prices and Charges

Please ensure that there is adequate parking for a 6.5 meter long van outside the property. If we are unable to park close by we may be unable to deliver the equipment and no refund will be given for this. We may be unable to come back at a later date/time due to being fully booked out. If we are required to come back at another time for set up there will be charges added for this.  If re-delivery is required there will be a charge of £25 plus vat each delivery per £500 of the order plus another delivery & collection charge.

Any extra time incurred will be charged at £30 per man per hour plus vat, with a minimum 1 hour charge.

There are charges if a delivery and/or collection is required out of hours (Monday-Friday 8-6), please let us know and we will quote for this.

We shall accept no responsibility if we cannot deliver due to circumstances beyond our control. In this case we can only refund the collection charges for the items.

Any parking tickets and fines we receive by parking in the area the customer has allocated for us will be charged to the security deposit of the person(s) hiring. Congestion charge will be charged to the hire in full with an admin fee. Please ensure you have a parking permit for us where applicable.

Extra charges may be added for long distance deliveries, weekend and bank holiday set up and take down, where there are problems with access to a site or where there is added difficulty in set up. The person(s) hiring the equipment will be made aware of these charges in advance.

If there is an issue and a member of the team is required to visit the marquee this will be free of charge if we are at fault. However, if the issue is the fault of the customer they will be charged a call out fee at the same price of their delivery charge.


Standard delivery is Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, you will be allocated a 2-4 hour time slot within this. Extra charges for each delivery & collection are:

6am-8am or 6pm-8pm: £20 plus vat

Weekends: £20 plus vat

Morning or afternoon request: £15 plus vat

8pm-12am: £100 plus vat (subject to staffing)

12am-6am: £150 plus vat (subject to staffing)

2 hour time slot request: £30 plus vat

1 hour time slot request: £50 plus vat

Stairs and longer than 25 meter delivery distance: POA



Please ensure all items are kept dry, inside or under cover unless they are specifically outdoor furniture items. Any damages caused by weather to items must be paid for.



Whilst the equipment is being delivered/set up, persons not employed by P&W Event Hire Ltd must remain out of the set up area until the set up is complete. The area may be dangerous and children should be made aware of this. Please also keep pets indoors away during deliveries and collections.


Updated January 2020.