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Halloween Furniture Hire


If you’re planning a big Halloween Party at home to celebrate this spooky time of year, a Halloween themed marquee is a fantastic venue to help set the right atmosphere! This page has information about Halloween Marquee hire, and also some great ideas and inspiration about how to decorate your marquee for a seriously spooky party!

If you don’t want muddy shoes on the carpet and icky pumpkins left all around the house, you can get a marquee which fits perfectly in your garden! Decorating the marquee to really get your guests in the halloween spirit will be lots of fun in itself. We’ve come up with some ideas below about how we would decorate our own ideal Halloween Marquee Party!


Halloween Dance Floor Hire


P&W Event Hire don’t supply marquees, however we can supply all the seating, tables and flooring you’ll ever need and a wide variety of different festoon lighting solutions to keep the party going until the early hours of the following day! We would recommend for a halloween themed marquee:

Our led cubes (click here). These are a great seating and table option. Go for the orange and white settings especially for halloween!

Beer benches and tables (click here). Perfect for drinks and snacks, giving your guests somewhere to sit!

Rustic benches and tables (click here). Ideal if you are hosting more of a formal sit down halloween meal!

Our range of dance floors (click here). Get everyone on the floor to some spooky tunes!

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins… everywhere! Real ones, fake ones, big or small, perfectly round or a little bit strange looking (even better!) – whatever pumpkins you can get your hands on! We find that placing pumpkins in lots of random places like at tables, throughout walkways, on the end of the bar, or even on a specifically designed display, really adds to the halloween atomosphere!

2. Colours

One of the things that we love about halloween, and the autumn time in general, is the fantastic colours which surround us at this time of year. Use the colours from your different pumpkins as inspiration! Get some red and orange streamers, and hang dark fabric from the marquee ceilings to create a truly spooky atmosphere! Use lighting which matches or works well with the colour scheme.

P&W Event Hire can help with lighting and orange led cubes to give you those autumn, halloween tones! Our led cubes come fully charged with around a 10 hour battery life and a huge variety of colours and settings!

3. Witches Hats & Brooms

Providing brooms for your guests to get about on is a great idea. Or even just using a few extra bristley and twiggy brooms as decoration is fantastic too. You could even create your own, or get the kids to! Many of your guests will already be dressed as witches we’re sure, but leaving some spare witches (and wizards) hats around the marquee won’t hurt…

We can deliver your equipment a few days before the event or the same day depending on your requirements and how much time you would like to get decorated and prepared!

4. DIY Decorations

As mentioned with the brooms above, it is a lot fo fun to carve your own pumpkins, make your own costumes, and decorate the food and drinks with fantastic and spooky decorations you have created yourself! Using ideas, templates and recipes which can be found relatively easily online you can create cut-out decorations, halloween specific treats, and themed cupcakes! Give the party a scary style of your own by creating the decor yourself…

You could even have a table at the party where guests can make their own halloween cupcake decorations!

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