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Parquet – Wooden Oak – White – Black & White – White Starlit LED

Dance floor hire can be a huge part of any event. The very special first dance at your wedding, to that full on rave at a 16th or 18th birthday party! A dance floor is a great way of bringing everyone together to dance at an event and once people start dancing, thats when the party really begins! We highly recommend hiring a dance floor for your event as it will encourage guests to dance and it will help create a great atmosphere. This is especially important at a wedding reception when you have hired a band or a DJ. Our portable dance floors can be set up anywhere they are required including inside your venue or marquee.


Black and White Dance Floor


An absolute classic and one of the most popular dance floors we have for rent. Also known as chequered, checker or checkerboard, the black and white dance floor is a great budget friendly option. If you prefer a plain white dance floor, we also have this available too! Unfortunately we are not currently stocking mirror dance floors.


White LED Dance Floor


Crazy popular at the moment and it’s easy to see why. The twinkling star lit led dance floor is just fabulous! Perfect for a 21st party or a white wedding, this stunning white dance floor will absolutely dazzle your guests! The twinkly lights are designed to look like the stars and have some great settings for different effects. We highly recommend booking the light up dance floor early due to high demand! Also available in plain white without the starlit for a cheaper option.


Our plain white dance floor great alternative if you are looking for a cheaper option over the LED dance floor. The white dance floor looks pristine and fabulous without all the bright flashing lights! It’s also very budget friendly too! Perfect for the shoe string wedding. So finish that wedding breakfast and get your guests on the dance floor!


Cheap Dance Floor


Events can be very expensive so if you are trying to cost cut, we would recommend the following dance floors: parquet, white and checker. These are cheaper than the wooden oak dance floor and the LED starlit dance floor but still just as fabulous and create the same great effect for your party! If you are looking for outdoor dance floor hire then we recommend our wooden Auckland Oak.